Samsung Experience 10 on Galaxy S9 video

Yesterday, I brought you the upcoming Samsung Experience 10 from XDA. But, it was still screenshots. Now, we also have the video of the build running on the device.

One of the XDA members flashed the Beta release build on their device (of course sacrificing his device for us). He explains all the features on the video for a long 18 minutes.

The major focus is on the UI of the Samsung Experience 10. There is a major portion of the Menu Headers. It looks quite cool. However, the Night Mode bug is bugging the whole UI. The UI is pretty cool, with most of the System Apps along with Settings has been changed.

There is a considerably huge amount of space taken by the Bubble design.

You can watch the video below and see what changes you may see in the upcoming Samsung Experience. The look you see here might change considerably before the official launch.

Source: Android Authority

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