Samsung Experience 10 screenshots are out now

Samsung Experience is the old TouchWiz Home from Samsung. However, Samsung is quite slow with their updates, especially with OS Upgrades. The reason is their own custom skins over Android. This time, however, pretty fast with Android Pie Update. Today we saw the first glimpse of upcoming Samsung Experience 10 with Android Pie.

With Android Pie, we have seen several changes to the UI of Stock Android. But Samsung is taking it to next level. It may look quite ugly to you but there is a bug in one of the features and might get resolved once it releases. Please Note that the build is in alpha stage, not even in beta stage.

But having something is better than nothing at all.

There are several changes to the system UI and you also have some more gestures here.  The latest one:  lift to wake. As the name suggests, the phone will wake up when lifted up from a surface. Also, the nav keys have their own navigations. You can now swipe up each key individually as well.

You can go through the screenshots of Samsung Experience 10 below. Please note that the build is currently far from being a releasable build so saying its ugly will not be worth.

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Source: 9to5Google

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