Pokemon Go Global Challenge: Ultra Bonus Unlocked!

Niantic worked very hard this summer to ensure trainers played Pokemon Go all summer long. They did this by implementing the “Global Challenge”. If trainers completed these challenges by working together by completing “Quests” they would unlock incredible bonuses such as extra experience, stardust and legendary Pokemon. Niantic also teased that if we all worked together to complete each of these challenges we would unlock an “Ultra Bonus”. With all of the challenges completed Niantic finally revealed what bonuses we have unlocked.

What are the bonuses?:

Regionals in 7km eggs:

Pokemon that can only found in specific regions of the world will be available in eggs you can get by opening gifts from your friends. Those Pokemon are as follows:

  • Mr. Mime
  • Kangaskhan
  • Farfetch’d
  • Tauros

This is incredible important because it will help those who cannot travel abroad complete their Pokedex. This perk will be in affect from September 13th to the 30th.

Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno are back in raids!

The legendary birds are back and their shinies are too! Between the dates of September 13th to the 20th these three great birds will be hatching from 5 star raid eggs. Get your friends and check your local gyms because you won’t want to miss out on these awesome Pokemon.

Mewtwo will be a 5 star raid boss!

Mewtwo will be leaving EX raids for the first time since its release last year! From September 20th to October 23rd Mewtwo will be able to be battled by anyone who can beat it. This means all you will need is a daily or premium raid pass. Just make sure you have enough friends to take it down! We are unsure if this means Mewtwo will have its shiny form released. Being as this may it’s nice that more people will be able to get this powerful creature.

Increased Kanto Spawns:

Non-legendary and non-regional variants (unless they normally spawn in your region) of the original 151 Pokemon will be spawning in increased number. This is exciting for players who may be new, hunting for shinies, or just like the original 151 Pokemon. This perk will last from September 13th to September 30th.

My Thoughts:

For those of you who don’t know I have been playing Pokemon Go since day one. I’m level 37, nearly 38 and try to play everyday, even if I just get my daily bonus. The parts of the game I enjoy the most are completing my Pokedex and getting shiny (alternate colored) Pokemon.

The Good:

The rest of this is honestly fantastic. I love that I get the chance to complete my Kanto portion of the Pokedex with the 7km eggs. This means I won’t need to depend on trades from those who have been to the regions these Pokemon are or traveling there myself. I hope this means we will see other regional Pokemon making there way to everyone in this manner.

Kanto Pokemon spawning more frequently is a nice change. With more than 300 Pokemon able to spawn in the wild it’s nice that new players have a better chance at filling their Dex with less issues. There are also a lot of Kanto pokemon that can be shiny. This means that if you’re searching for a specific Pokemon from this region you’ll have a great opportunity now.

Finally, Mewtwo has been locked behind EX raids for far too long. It was fun when you’d get treated to an EX raid pass but not everyone was in a place they could get one. EX raid passes required you raided at a sponsored Gym or a Gym in a park and then were able to return there at a specific time and date. This made it so it was difficult for casual players to get one as not all raids at these locations would yield a special raid pass, but hardcore players seemed to get them all the time given they may raid a lot. Now, no matter where you are for a month, if you’re near a gym and have others with you you’ll have a shot at defeating and catching this amazing Pokemon.

The Bad:

With that being said, when Niantic tells us that legendary with shiny forms will only be released for a very limited time you know that hardcore players will go out of their way to get those Pokemon. During the Global Challenge players had the opportunity to unlock Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno raids for 3 hours on one day, and Niantic would give you 5 free raid passes. The issues being is 3 hours was not enough time to do more than an average of 10 raids (with a 1 in 19 to a 1 in 10 chance it was very unlikely you’d get a shiny), it would also almost guarantee you’d have to spend money. Not to mention that the 3 hour timeframe meant you had to plan your day around Pokemon Go not plan Pokemon Go around your day and that’s a selfish move by Niantic.

After Niantic pulled this stunt they then backtracked (without telling anyone they didn’t have to stress over the 3 hour raid crunch) saying these special Pokemon would be in raids for an entire week! This means that people that planned their entire day around those 3 hours could have just waited instead of Niantic dangling these rare and powerful Pokemon in people’s faces and creating a fear of missing out scenario.

Why is this so bad?

Pokemon Go is supposed to be accessible to everyone and these 3 hour events have really been dampening that spirit more than it already is. They then make it a surprise that people really didn’t have to go out of their way to do these events and give us more time to catch them. On one side I’m happy that all trainers will have more time to catch these legendary Pokemon and maybe even their shinies. I’m not happy that they didn’t communicate that there could be another chance so soon. Niantic could have said “don’t worry, if you miss out this time there will be possible opportunities in the near future.” and that would have been fine. In case, they pulled this stunt and it upsets me.


I hope you’ll all enjoy this Ultra Bonus whether you’re happy about this or a bit disappointed. Ensure you get out there and maybe make a new friend. That’s honestly my favorite part of this game. Leave your comments below and start a civil conversation about this. I want to hear your opinion.

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