Why You Should Get a Wired Router (No Wi-Fi) for Gaming


If you want the ultimate gaming experience, any gamer is going to tell you that a wired connection is a must-have. The reliability that you will get from a wired router is not debatable. Regardless, you are still going to hear about the advantages of using Wi-Fi over an Ethernet connection. But why is a wired router more reliable than Wi-Fi for gaming?


There are many so called experts that may tell you about the best wired routers to use for your gaming needs, but we find that this website has the best reviews and guides for anyone who is looking for the best wired router for gaming.


Reliability vs Convenience


There is no doubt that Wi-Fi is far more convenient than an Ethernet cable. Who really wants to be plugged into a wall and stationary? Ethernet cables are also not ideal for laptops whose whole design is based on portability. Many gamers, however, are using gaming devices like PS4 or Xbox One and are not going to be moving around anyway.


Either way, Ethernet is simply more reliable. While you are wired in and stuck where you are at, you are not going to suffer from any dead spots from moving too far away from the router. Your connection is not going to be disrupted by QoS, where your router decides what connection should have the priority of the bandwidth, risking buffering or lag spikes in the middle of your game.




Even though certain wireless connections may boast of gigaspeed internet, the truth of the matter is that it is all still theoretical. In reality, Ethernet downloads are going to be faster simply because you are literally wired in. You are not battling a wireless signal that has to travel through the air to reach you. Theoretical speeds are just that: theoretical. Your actual speed is what matters.


Realistically, you donā€™t need much in the way of speed when it comes to gaming, you just need reliability and consistency. You donā€™t need signal interruptions, but instead a constant connection that cannot suddenly kick you out.


Bandwidth Interference


One of the biggest disadvantages of using Wi-Fi in general, not just for gaming, is that your channel can get a little crowded. Where you live, how many neighbours you have using the channel, and the channels that your router is using are all factors that could slow down your speeds. You might be sharing your channel with too many people, slowing your connection down, in turn causing lag spikes, and resulting in delayed response time, all of which are huge blocks for gamers who want to successfully kick ass in the virtual world.


If you have a network that is not congested or crowded, Wi-Fi might be alright for you, unless you are a serious or competitive gamer. Then you still are running the risk of ruining your gaming quality and finding yourself incredibly frustrated with your internet.


Bottom Line


The bottom line in the wired vs wireless router debate for gamers is that anyone who lives and breathes gaming will not want to settle for second best. A wired connection is your path to glory and success in your gaming world, while a Wifi connection will lead you to frustration, taking the very real chance that you could end up on the losing team. Because in the end, speed, reliable connectivity and stability is what a real gamer needs, apart from their skills to reach the top.



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