AT&T’s Tips for Mobile Safety for Parents and Children


In today’s mobile age it’s difficult to keep our kids and loved ones safe on the internet. AT&T wanted to share a few tips with our readers in order to ensure they had the skills and knowledge necessary to approach some ways in which your child may get into trouble with technology and how to prevent it. Mobile safety is important and Onetechstop and AT&T believe it’s important to inform as many people as possible.

Do not take this as gospel either. These are just meant to be ideas to keep in the back of your head. Please keep an open mind while reading this post. You may learn something new or be able to help someone else learn something new.

Message from AT&T:

Hope you are doing well! As kids head back to school, it’s a great time to think about the many decisions that parents face when it comes to kids and mobile devices. Wanted to share a few considerations from AT&T to help parents determine whether their child is ready for a mobile device.

  • Maturity of the child – If your child is mature enough, a cellphone can be a great way to teach responsibility. If your child wants a phone then they have to take care of it and be responsible for not losing it, leaving it somewhere, or breaking it. A cellphone can be a great lesson, but if your child isn’t ready, it can also be an expensive one.
  • Amount of time the child spends outside the home with friends or at extracurricular activities – If your child spends a lot of time at practice, after school activities or just hanging out at friends’ houses, getting a cellphone may be something a parent will appreciate as much as the child. A quick text to check in now and then can provide peace of mind for everyone involved. Also, thanks to GPS technology and services like AT&T’s Family Map, parents are able to pinpoint a child’s location at any given time.
  • Be aware that cellphones in the hands of children can be used inappropriately – According to an AT&T commissioned study, 39% of kids ages 12-14 know someone who has received a sexual message or picture over their phone. Additionally, nearly one in five 8 to 11-year-olds surveyed has received a mean or bullying text message. Parents must be prepared to discuss these issues with their kids.
  • If you determine your child is ready – Consider a durable phone at a lower price point and think about purchasing insurance to protect the device. Also make sure you learn about the safety features and set clear rules.

Children are individuals and while there isn’t a hard and fast way to determine when your child is ready, hopefully this information will help make the decision easier.

End AT&T message.


We hope this information was of some help to you and your family. If you’re ever having trouble with children and technological devices there are people who can help you. Many websites dedicate themselves to helping youth stay safe online. Your mobile carrier probably also has safe guards to help them. We want to ensure children are safe but also smart about how they use technology. Never be afraid to ask for help on how to educate others on how to best utilize technology.

We would like to thank AT&T for providing us with the information to do this post. This is not a paid post. is not receiving any monetary kick back for providing you all with this information. We think this is useful information for our readers. We hope you will share it with others if you also think it is helpful.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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