Windows 95 now comes out as an app for Windows 10

Long ago, Microsoft used to rule the market with its Windows lineup. And, Windows 95 used to a super hit OS in its time. After Windows 3.1, the first windows version with a GUI, although based on a command line running behind, Windows 95 took over the market. But now you will not get a new PC with this Windows version since it got extinct with time.

You may get a hands-on the ISO file and boot it into a VMWare/VirtualBox, but no fresh installed PC with the same OS. Yes, you can clean install on your system, but it will not work as expected. Back in those days, hardware demand was very less than today. Even you will not get 64-Bit ISO for the Windows.

Windows 95 Windows Folder

But some crazy guy from Git managed to virtualize the OS and make an EXE out of the OS.  Yes, it’s now possible to run Windows 95 on your Windows 10 PC without even dual booting it.

You can download the app from here.

About Windows 95

It is codename Chicago. It is the first OS from Microsoft to bring true GUI based OS. 95 also features what we call the Start Button, Taskbar etc. It also features plug n play back in those days.  The OS remained in the market for three years after which it was succeeded by Windows 98.


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