How Google Pixel 3 XL Can Set Another Benchmark for Mobile Photography

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A couple of days ago, we saw a dozen of leaked photos of the Google Pixel 3 XL. Those were actually the unreleased prototype units. As we are moving closer to the official launch (October 4) of the device, here are some of my personal insights about the Pixel 3 XL’s photography skills.

Highest DXO Mark.. Again?

Every year, the Pixels set a benchmark for mobile photography by achieving the highest DXO Mark scores. However, companies like Huawei, Samsung and Apple aren’t far behind the DXO Mark race.

Looking at the leaked images, however, we can conclude that the phone still has one single rear camera. This seems impressive because Google still claims to achieve a lot of features through AI and Machine Learning, which could’ve been otherwise possible with a secondary lens.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Initially, when the Pixel 2 was launched, the company introduced Portrait Mode / Bokeh Effect using a single lens. Other companies like Apple resorted to a secondary lens for the same purpose. Although the edge detection was terrible in both the methods, they both evolved over time using “software updates”.

Two Front Cameras!

But wait, why does the Google Pixel 3 XL has two cameras in the front? If they are able to achieve everything via AI, why would they put another lens?

Here’s the thing. This might be have something to do with Face Unlock. Even though we have ‘Trusted Face’ feature in most of the new Android smartphones, having two lenses wide apart from each other can really help get a 3D perspective of someone’s face, which isn’t possible via AI (for now at least).

Some sources also say that the two lens might be for something called “Super Selfies”. The other lens could be a wide angle one, which is a really good option for selfies.

New Visual Core Chip

Google is allegedly also including a new Visual Core chip with the Pixel 3 XL. This would enhance the photos you take, not sure how though.

Some sources say that the Visual Core chip goes beyond simply offering HDR Plus capabilities. Visual Core could also be an AI mode, but let Google reveal that last bit of information.

Since the Pixel 3 XL’s out in the wild are officially prototypes, any of this information could still change between now and October. Still, Google Pixel 3 XL will once again rock the mobile photography world and make the competition more aggressive.

Here are some of the alleged ‘Shot on Pixel 3 XL’ photos :

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Keep watching out the space for more information about the Google Pixel 3 XL.

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