How to download and install the Fortnite for Android Beta Safely

Fortnite for Android is Finally Available!

After months of waiting Android users have finally been treated to the Fortnite for Android Beta! Many players are incredibly excited to get into the game. There is one caveat, it’s not on the Google Playstore. In order to download the game you must go through Epic Game’s portal to get an APK. This creates a few security risks such as downloading from an unauthorized source and getting a fake installer or downloading a fake app from the Google Playstore. This is a complete guide with images on how to get your Fortnite game started.

Step 1: Have a supported device:

Here is a link to the complete list of supported devices for the Fortnite Beta. Ensure your device is on this list and move forward.

Step 2: Join the Beta:

Next you’re going to want to follow this link to sign up for an email invite to the Fortnite Beta. It is crucial you only use this link as this takes you straight to Epic’s website to sign up. There you will get an emailed invite that should look like what I will post below.

Fortnite Beta Email

Step 3: Click the “Get Started” link

In the email you will see a yellow “get started” button. Follow that link to gain access to the installer.

Step 4: Download and Install the Installer:

Your device will tell you that you may be downloading a harmful file. Download the file and attempt to open it. A warning message will appear stating you have to enable “install from unknown sources”. Enable that feature for Google Chrome. Then go back to the downloads folder of your Android device and install the application. After you download this application ensure you disallow Chrome to download from Unknown Sources immediately. This will ensure other applications aren’t installed without your permission.

Step 5: Allow the Installer to Install Fortnite:

You will boot up the application and be prompted to start the installer. The installer will download the Fortnite APK. You will then be prompted to allow Fortnite to Install from Unknown Sources. Check that box. When the Fortnite application finished installing press open.

Step 6: Connect to WiFi and Wait:

Ensure you’re connected to WiFi as this point. The Fortnite Installer will download approximately 1.8GB of data. This is the Fortnite game itself. Afterwards it will install the game. Depending on how fast your Wifi is this could take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Be patient and plug your phone in. After the app downloads it will verify and optimize the application for your device.

Step 7: Sign in and Enjoy:

Lastly, you will be prompted to open the newly downloaded and installed Fortnite application. Open the application and sign into your epic account. Congratulations! You can now play the Fortnite for Android Beta! Enjoy yourself and make sure you comment on whether you’re enjoying it.


You should have 2 new applications on your device. The Fortnite Installer application and the Fortnite application itself. You can uninstall the Fortnite Installer from your phone at this time. The Fortnite application will alert you when a new version is available. There may also be a waiting list. Be patient, your time will come!

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Lenny Bonsignore
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