Nokia 3310 2017: A Necessary Device in 2018

While walking through Target I stumbled across the Nokia 3310 2017 for $49.99 and just couldn’t resist. I picked the little guy up for fun and didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

Mind you I’ve only spent a few hours with it but let you give you my first impressions.


The unboxing experience of the Nokia 3310 2017 was really nice. The phone is front and center in the box and when you pick it up it’s incredibly light. I nearly forgot to put in the battery. When you go to get the battery you see there is a pair of headphones and a charging cable in the box. I was surprised to see the headphones. Although they’re small you don’t see them that often. You’ll notice that underneath where the battery goes you’ll be able to add a micro sim card and up to 32gb of additional storage.

This phone is small:

As you could have guessed, this old-fashion phone is very light, small, and easily pocketable. It’s really solid too. It doesn’t feel like the old 3310 did but I don’t think that’s an issue. I don’t think I have to baby the phone but it still looks really nice. I could see myself carrying this around if I wanted to go off the grid for a while and not feel embarrassed.

It Just Works:

There are a few cute games but I don’t really think that’s the point of the device. The device does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. It makes calls, sends texts and doesn’t run out of juice. There are a few social media apps like Facebook and Twitter as well as an internet browse. I wouldn’t recommend you use them all that often but if you’re in a pinch then its better than nothing. Just note, it doesn’t have WiFi so you will be using your data to access these features. I doubt they use much data but it’s still good to be aware.

What is This Phone For?:

If you’re the type of person who wants to get off the grid or doesn’t want to be on the grid then get this device. You’re not forced to setup an account to use it or link an email address. Simply pop in your sim and you’re good to go. Just like the good old days. This is also a great device if you’re going away for a while and you’re not sure you’ll be near an outlet.

This phone isn’t for those who want the latest and greatest in technology. It doesn’t play high end games, and it doesn’t have loads of applications. The camera is terrible, and it only has about 32mb of storage out of the box. However, I really don’t think that’s the point. Phones like this aren’t being made anymore. When was the last time you saw a quality feature phone? Exactly, probably not for a long time. That’s just what this is. A quality feature phone and in 2018, I think it’s a necessity to have on store shelves.

Photos taken with the Nokia 3310 2017:

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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