Bose QC35 II and Bose QC30 has $50 off on Amazon

Amazon is an amazing website. You can buy any stuff at a great price. So as Bose. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of premium sound devices. But they re quite expensive, isn’t it? If you ask for a proper device to actually hear your music loud and crystal clear, with a crystal clear voice, Everyone will recommend Bose.

So here is the deal brought to you by Amazon. The QuietComfort 35 II and QuietComfort goes on a not a huge discount of $50. Such expensive earphones don’t go on sale every day.

The QuietComfort 35 II is an upgraded version of QC35. Everything is dependent on critics here, who rated the earphones positive. You get everything here. Active Noice cancellation, crystal clear sound quality. Since it is a wireless headphone, you got longer battery life here. You can even connect the headphones with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, in just one click of a physical button. Assistant or Alexa, your choice. The price of the QC35 II is normally $349, but with a discount of $50, you will get it for $299.



Just in case, you are running out of money, but you need an earphone, or you hate over-the-ear headphones you can try QuietComfort 30 earphones. The previous price of the same is $299, now dropped to $249, straight $50 drop. This is a neckband-style Bluetooth/NFC based device. Features Active level of noise cancellation, same crystal clear voice but far more portable, and without a physical key for connecting with Alex or Assistant.



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