PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile on PC is as simple as playing on phone


PUBG Mobile is a most popular port of PUBG on PC. Just like the PC version, this game is populated by players around the world. However, the optimization of the Mobile version, as its PC version goes to hell.  Like, optimization is so bad at this game that you will face certain lags during the gameplay. So, why not try playing it on PC? We Bluestacks for the same. But no. Bluestacks isn’t good for this game since it doesn’t support mouse emulation here. So, upon players’ request around the world, Tencent brought their own emulator.

Called Tencent Gaming Buddy, is an Android Emulator with complete mouse and keyboard support. This allows you to play PUBG Mobile without any issues.

PUBG Mobile TGB installation

  1. First head to this link. Download the file.
  2. Next, install it like normally how you do. Then let the installer download the Engine files.
  3. After the Engine files are downloaded, it will start downloading PUBG Mobile game files.
  4. Step 1-4 depends solely on your internet speed.
  5. Sign in with your account, you used to sign in into PUBG.

Happy Playing PUBG: Mobile on PC!

Making it smoother to run

Go to 3 bar menu on the top right. Select settings > Engine now set accordingly, as per your requirements. 

The game still lags!