Snapchat Source code was leaked on Git, repo is now down

Some anonymous person successfully uploaded the source code of iOS version of Snapchat. Everything started from the update of May for Snapchat when some internal code went visible. This enabled the anonymous poster to copy the entire code and publish it On Git.

After Snap Inc. got to know about the issue, they immediately sent a notice to Git about it. And, within 5 Minutes, the repo went down.

With a notice to Git, they said:

I am [redacted] at Snap inc., owner of the leaked source code.

[I]t was leaked and a user has put it in this Github repo. [T]here is no URL to point to [detailing the original content] because Snap Inc. doesn’t publish it publicly.

However, a representative from Snap Inc. told CNET :

An iOS update in May exposed a small amount of our source code and we were able to identify the mistake and rectify it immediatel.

We discovered that some of this code had been posted online and it has been subsequently removed. This did not compromise our application and had no impact on our community.

The uploaded goes with the name  i5xx. Also, he has a website with URL

However, this is not the first time that some big company asking Git to remove source code under DMCA (Digital Media Copyright Act). Last time, Apple took down source code of a core component of iOS.

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