Galaxy Note 9 : pre-order one to get one for free from Verizon

How about going home with a brand new Galaxy Note 9? Moreover, how cool it would be if you go home with one extra Note 9 for free? Well, Verizon is bringing you this deal. Verizon is now advertising on their app about the offer.  Although Note 9 is not out yet, Verizon is using all its might to attract costumers. However, we still don’t have the release date out yet.

If we consider the specifications that rumored around the device, it is for sure to be costly as hell. Not that much though.

However, there may be some behind the scene terms and condition, if we see previous schemes like this. That means you might have to register for two simultaneous connections and pay for around 24months to cover up the billing and cost of the device.

The Price is still a mystery. However, Samsung will remove the curtain up from Note 9 on Thursday, and only then we will get to know about the same.

According to Samsung, the device will cost nearly same to What Note 8 was launched for. That means it will be around $900 since Note 8 was released for the same range in 2017.

Will you grab this deal? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Android Authority.

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