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Android Pie and Digital Wellbeing History

Yesterday Google released the final version of Android 9.0 Pie and many people were excited but confused about its released. Google completely left out one of Android 9.0’s most talked about features being Digital Well-being. This feature was supposed give users detailed information about how the device’s user was using the the device and giving the user the ability to cut down on applications they didn’t want to use as often. It also gave them the feature Wind Down. This feature slowly turns the device to a gray scale to deter the user from using their phone with bright colors at night and encouraging them to put their phone down and sleep.

When Google formally released Android 9.0 Pie yesterday they admitted that they hadn’t included the feature in the release. Google instead announced they would instead start a beta to give users the option to test the feature and help Google find bugs. Those who had the final version of Android 9.0 Pie would have to sign up for the beta on Google’s Digital Wellbeing website. Thet beta allowed users to view the Digital Wellbeing application in the Google Play Store. I ended up side loading the Digital Wellbeing application from APKmirror in order to get the features right away.

This is what I’ve found out from my short time with the Digital Wellbeing beta.

What does Digital Wellbeing do?

Digital Wellbeing gives the user comprehensive information on how they use their device. It tells them information from how many times they’ve unlocked their phone to how much they’ve used different applications. It will also let the user know how many notifications they’ve received and how recently the user has been notified by different applications. This will allow users to understand what applications they use most and give them options to use those applications less should they choose to. The user will also be able to utilize Wind Down mode which will help them gradually stop using their phone when they’re trying to fall asleep.

Currently you can set when you want Wind Down mode to start from within the settings application. In the future you will be able to give your device a voice command to start Wind Down mode. I’m personally very excited for the ability to set Wind Down mode at a moment’s notice as I generally don’t go to sleep at the same time every night.

What does Digital Wellbeing look like?


How can you get Digital Wellbeing?

As stated previously Google has created a beta sign up to get you the ability to download Digital Wellbeing from the Google Play Store. The link to that will be available here

If you’re impatient like I was you can download the APK for Digital Wellbeing thanks to Android Police. Please know you are doing this at your own risk and we are not responsible for any issues that may occur. Here is the link to APKmirror’s download for Digital Wellbeing. Ensure you have a Pixel device that is on the most up to date version of Android Pie before downloading. This will not enter you into the beta either therefore you will not receive application updates. If you wish to please follow the link above to enter into the beta properly. Use this method only until you can get into the beta.

What do you think?

Please, let us know what you think about Digital Wellbeing in the comments below. We want to hear if you’re going to join the beta, and what you hope they add to this feature in the future.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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