Amazon Kindle is on sale on Best Buy [Deal]

Amazon Kindle went on sale today at Best Buy. Both Black and White variants are available for sale. Also, you have a special free gift from Best Buy. The model on sale is Kindle Paperwhite. The normal price of the device is $11999. The sale price is stripped down to $7999.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is an e-Book reader from Amazon. It allows you to read books, purchase them from Amazon or load your own book. However, you can only read books and access the Kindle Store for purchasing new books. You cannot access any websites.

The specifications of Kindle Paperwhite includes a 6-inch IPS LCD display with a 300ppi resolution. It uses a Carta ePaper display technology that reduces eye strain. It has a 4GB internal storage which allows you to keep over 500 eBooks onboard, as claimed by the company.

For connectivity, you have Micro USB 2.0 and WiFi.

There is a free gift included. However, you have a choice one from them. The free gift includes – $25 to spend on Shutterfly or get an 8×8 Photo Book free.

Kindle Paperwhite (Black) – Link

Kindle Paperwhite (White) – Link

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