Android P Developer Preview 5 Changes


There really aren’t many changes in this version of Android P’s Developer Preview. We’re looking at a few visual tweaks and the opportunity for developers to get their hands on final APIs for this version of Android. If you’re like me though who likes to get your hands on the newest version of Android as soon as possible then this Developer Preview is for you. You get the most stable version of Android 9.0 on your device.

Visual Changes:

There were very few visual changes I could find on this version of the Developer Preview on my first-generation Google Pixel XL. The auto rotate button in the quick settings menu kind of changed. The rotate button that comes up on your navigation bar changed to match the quick settings. It also has a cool animation when the device realizes you rotated the screen. It catches your attention well. If I notice any other visual changes I’ll be sure to mention them, however it’s looking like with the final build coming I’ll probably just have a new article on the newest build.


Do you all think you’ll be downloading this final Developer Preview? In my opinion I think you should. This is a very stable build and it’s nice to get a jump on the newest version of Android. I say give the beta a shot and worse comes to worse is you have a kind of buggy version of Android for about 2 weeks. You’ll also be first in line for the final build coming later in August.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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