5 Top Tools To Check Your Web Apps SEO Score

We often see that Google update their algorithm on ranking web pages and blogs, prompting content marketers and businesses to change their strategy to stay on top of the Search giant.

There are several tools and applications; both paid and free, that allow businesses to find areas on their web or mobile app to make relevant improvements for better search visibility on Google and other popular search engines. The top 5 tools that we will describe can prove vital to your business strategy in increasing web users, organically.

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Let’s dive into the SEO tools that can possibly boost improve your web and mobile app’s overall performance:

1. Google Webmasters Tool

Cost: Free

In order to improve your web application’s rank on Google, who better to ask than Google itself? Google’s Webmaster Tools is a repository of all your websites, sitemaps and mobile apps. It comprises of resources that allow businesses to check for search appearance, traffic rate, rank and even number of user clicks of the app.

For instance if you want to see how your URL appears on Google, you can utilize the “Fetch as Google” feature to visualize how it actually appears on the search page. Google traces errors as well, pinpointing which particular page is being problematic for SEO. This is useful as businesses can use this information to correct any underlying errors and possibly make necessary modifications to the page for better user experience.

Within the Webmasters Tool, is Google’s Page Speed Insights. This tool quickly measures the performance of both your web and mobile version of the app and displays a score for both. In an increasingly mobile-forward landscape, businesses frequently using this tool to uncover opportunities of improving their site.

2. SEMRush

Cost: Free


If you’re looking for a fully elaborate external SEO tool, there is none better than SEMRush. Its robust, its packed with several features to boost not only your web app but also improve your social media branding.

Their main feature comes in handy when you put in a website link and checks what keywords it’s ranking, what the page’s rank is for the chosen keywords, the monthly search volume of the keyword lists and more.

SEMRush’s SEO tool is also best for competitor analysis. Businesses can add a list of websites and compare where their website lack as far as keyword research, page speed, backlinks and on-site SEO is concerned.

3. Moz’s Pro tools

Cost: 30-day free trial, then paid plans from $99/mo

Moz Pro can be categorized as an all-in-one tool, providing insights into improving search ranking for businesses. Moz’s research capabilities help identify SEO opportunities, track growth, construct reports and optimize on key metrics.

The Crawl Test tool utilizes Moz’s own web crawler, RogerBot, to analyze up to 3,000 links of inserted URL of choice. Once the website is crawled, Moz sends subscribers an email report that details the data for each page the site links to.

4. Hubspot Website Grader

Cost: Free


The Website Grader is powered by the marketing automation company: Hubspot, is a neat tool to quickly understand the health of your web or mobile application. The online free tool generates a summary about the application based on the following metrics:

Performance: The grader will give an individual score for the website’s page speed, number of requests and overall page size. Then it will suggest the appropriate recommendations to improve score

Mobile Friendliness: The tool will analyze your app for mobile friendliness and view-port settings.

SEO. Determines if your website is discoverable — by humans and bots, both. To calculate how easily the website can be found, the tool considers page titles and meta descriptions into consideration.

Security: The tool will search for security measures on the website such as a SSL certificate. This informs visitors arriving on your site that the it is both authentic and safe for contact information requests.

5. Woorank

Cost: Free for 14 day trial. Paid package starts from $49/mo (Pro Plan) then goes to $149 (Premium Plan)


The in-browser site analysis tool gives an in-depth report about the web application. Woorank provides meaningful set of instructions on improving and optimizing the applications, based on necessity.

Woorank can easily be integrated with Google Chrome and with a click of a button diagnoses the web page, providing a full-scale report that is divided into 8 sections, namely:

  • Marketing Checklist
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Usability
  • Technologies
  • Social
  • Local
  • Visitors

The sections provides an opportunity to pinpoint aspects that are lacking within the website and providing businesses key indicators on where to improve. As an extended feature, the company can generate a full-fledged PDF version of the report to showcase it in presentations or meetings .


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Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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