Internet in 1979 – this is how it was used back in those days

Check out how the Internet was used in 1979:- Internet is vast. You can use it to connect to your knowns sitting in another corner of the world. You can even download contents from this as well, in fact, gather every information that you want. But since we are people from back 1990s or 1980’s here or maybe older than that, we didn’t know how the internet used to work back then. This is because either we didn’t own a computer (high prices than today) and no internet in the country.  But everything changed in a span of time.

Well, today I found an interesting video about how everything used to work back in 1979. This video is posted by Reddit user FozzTexx. He likes old stuff and has posted 3 videos on his YT channel. He posted about this particular topic on his channel.

Here is the video from his channel.

The computer he uses is RadioShack’s TRS-80 Model II. This was a business class PC back then. It uses a massive 8-inch Floppy disk to store data for around more than a MegaByte. The entire setup uses a Dial-Up telephone for BBS services. This is the dialing for services over analog pulse over the cables.

Later in his another video, he shows that Social media was present back then. Not as easy as this time, back then, you need to have a set of hardware present to connect to Social Media.

Here is the video from his channel.

He shows how the message was used to transfer over telephone signals. Back then modems used to work on bps or Bits per Second speed. That is how many characters it can send in 1 sec. Highest speed could go up to 40bps.


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