Twitter For Android gets bottom navigation bar

Twitter brings the bottom navigation bar to its Android App:- Twitter today announced that it is bringing the bottom navigation to its Android app. It made the announcement yesterday but made the update live today.

Nothing is special in the current update. The reason is the upper nav bar is now the bottom one. Please note, the update takes place from the server-side. That means it may take some time to get the update.

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There is a very minor change in the update. If you notice it properly, the current tab line has been removed. Instead, the current tab changes its icon color. One more thing you will notice that you cannot swipe like you used to do. Instead, you have to tap on individual tab.

As you can see, Twitter did this to ease your navigation across the tabs in the app. Since many people find it a lot easier to navigate when the bar is at the bottom than on top. This happens usually in devices with a larger display, considering the fact that more devices come with that 18:9 aspect ratio, unlike this Vivo device with a 19:9 aspect ratio.

Several other developers are moving to adopt the bottom navigation menu. Instagram has already following the trend.

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