Minecraft brings new features with Update Aquatic

Minecraft brings new features in its latest update – Update Aquatic:- Mohjang recently launched an update to its popular arcade game Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Android. Mohjang refers this update as Update Aquatic. This is the second update under Update Aquatic by Mohjang.

The Phase two update brings new creatures and objects on to Minecraft. Also, the update brings sea turtles and a Potion of Turtle Master as well. If an update is new, then there must be a new antagonist as well. Well, this is the rule of a game. So Mohjang has introduced a new enemy The Drowned in the latest update.

The update brings several new features. This includes new achievements as well.

Not only this, Mohjang also improved the current elements in the game. For example, letting players enchant Tridents with Mending and Unbreaking, and allowing them to ride Skeleton Horses underwater.

The phase two update doesn’t bring any significant change. The phase one already did that. The Phase One update overhauled the Minecraft oceans with new underwater physics, making it possible to swim with sharks and explore shipwrecks as well.

The Drowned is a group of Zombies that hide in dark places but dwells out at night.

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