Next gen nVidia graphics to sport GDDR6 memory?

nVidia to use GDDR6 memory for its upcoming Graphics card line up:- nVidia is a well-known graphics card manufacturer in the world. Their graphics card quality and working are insane. Like they know what gamers and designers want. This time they got to the next level. In a recent Reddit leak, a user has allegedly posted a prototype of the upcoming graphics card. However, the account and the post no longer exists. This suggests that the leak was done by someone working there. This, according to TechRadar, is the prototype of the new product line Turing.

Next-gen nVidia graphics to sport a GDDR6 memory?

What can this new graphics card be? A next-gen Tesla or Quadro or new Turing lineup? We don’t know about that right now. Moreover, the image doesn’t give us a clear idea, since it’s quite large than the actual product. Also, we cannot find any of the processors onboard in this PCB.

We can see that there is an 8-pin connector with 12 modules of memory from Micron’s GDDR6 video RAM.

Also, a rumor the suggests that it can be the rumored GeForce GTX 1180 under development. However, we cannot consider it even real product since there are a lot of rumors surrounding the new GPU by nVidia.

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No matter what the upcoming product will be, nVidia will still give its consumers the product that they deserve.

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