Xiaomi Mi Box Gets Android 8.0 Oreo! (UPDATE)

What is a Xiaomi Mi Box?

I’m glad you asked! The Xiaomi Mi Box is a bare minimum Android TV Box sold for $69 at Walmart. It has a quad core processor, 2gb of ram, 8gb of storage, wifi, one usb 2.0 port and most importantly, 4K HDR support. If you were looking to give your non smart tv or smart tv with a bad OS a different one then the Mi Box is definitely for you. It may lag at times and the remote can get buggy but it gets the bare minimum done. Let’s get down and dirty with Android 8.0 Oreo on the Xiaomi Mi Box

What Does this Update Bring?

Two of the most important additions are Google Assistant and the new launcher. Google Assistant allows users to perform actions on your TV with your voice. The only issue with this feature is I can still not get it to work.

The new launcher adds a lot more freedom to your system. You can set recommendation for different applications to show up on your home screen. Users can also set a favorite apps section so you’re always only a few clicks away from your favorite application. The device is just much better set up and easier to understand. Picture in Picture should be included in this update as well however, I’m still not able to get it to work. Regardless, I’m seeing the the Mi Box is more responsive and more intuitive to use. I don’t have a full changelog yet, however it is something I will be looking out for.

Mi Box Software Information


Here are some pictures I took during the update progress of the Mi Box to 8.0. Enjoy!

Out with the Old:

Here are some pictures of what the Mi Box’s software used to look like.


What do you all think? Are any of you like me and using the Mi Box or do you use something else? Let me know in the comments below.


Google Assistant now works for whatever reason. There was no sign of an application update or a software update. Might have been a server side update however it works now and is fully functional.

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