Microsoft to bring AdBlock Plus to Edge

Microsoft to bring AdBlock Plus to Mobile version of Edge:- Since after Google’s own Chrome with Adblocker failed to block ads, Microsoft is trying the same with Edge. As per Microsoft, the adblocker is present within the settings, so you don’t require any additional app for the same. Microsoft has straightaway partnered with AdBlocker Plus to integrate the same.

Microsoft Bringing AdBlock Plus to Edge on Android

Since Google miserably failed to bring AdBlocker to full extent on Chrome for Android, Microsoft is trying for the same.

Tech Blog GHacks says:

Once you have enabled ‘Adblock Plus’ in Edge, advanced options are listed to configure the content blocker. The available options are limited to managing a whitelist and disabling acceptable ads,

Microsoft has partnered with [the] company to bring ad blocking natively to the Android version of Edge.  Previously, Google also integrated the same into Chrome Browser but failed miserably. The integration didn’t work out. Since it was unable to block ads fully.

Microsoft brought Edge Browser back in 2015. At an event, Microsoft first launched Edge on Windows 10. After several updates and due to a huge community, Microsoft recently ported the app to Android and iOS.  The app was first launched as Beta for iOS, later for Android. Now both platform can enjoy the app as it is now open for download.

Since AdBlock Plus isn’t available on a broader spectrum, you may get the same pretty soon.

Source: GadgetsNow

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