tiniest computer

Tiniest computer makes rice grain look massive!


World’s tiniest computer makes its way to the real world, a rice grain looks like a mountain:-  After IBM goes with a salt grain sized computer, University of Michigan also did the same. Though the salt size is quite small than that of rice, achievement is an achievement. This computer is a temperature sensing computer that measures around 0.04 cubic millimeters. This has taken the size smaller than IBM’s. The size, however, brought many problems as well.

Technology is advancing, this tiniest computer may be a new reality!

The new temperature computer by the University of Michigan brought several issues. These issues are generally related t its size. First of all taking care of all light. Light in molecular level can affect the temperature sensing. For this reason, they switched diodes to capacitors. Also, the size of the computer can lead to noise creation from electricity.

The use? It can be used to detect tumors inside the body. Also, it can be used for detecting glaucoma from inside the eye.  According to the scientists, tumors have little high temperature than a normal cell. But this thing hasn’t proved yet. It even has several other uses in biological experiments.

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This tiniest computer consists of a full-fledged processor. The processor is based on ARM’s Cortex MO+ architecture. However, it has volatile memory, that means, its memory can get erased when switched off. This is the exact same problem with IBM’s prototype.

If this computer becomes the real computer, then we can be using the tiniest computer in the coming future.

Source: Engadget