WatchTV – where unlimited meets fun


AT&T starts WatchTV with 2 unlimited wireless plans:- How good it is to be when you get to watch your favorite TV channels? That too with something called unlimited wireless plans for your phone? Find it a great deal? Well, At&T is providing the same! WatchTV, a feature that allows you to watch the 30+ live channel, anywhere you want.

WatchTV – an unlimited fun

AT&T has started rolling out a new video streaming service. With WatchTV service, you can watch video on or any browser with whole new unlimited wireless plans. No matter which smartphone you use, u can still watch your favorite show. Above 15000 channels you can watch with the movie-on-demand feature.

Also, you can add one of the premium features that AT&T provides, when selecting one of the unlimited plans. Premium services include HBO®, Cinemax, SHOWTIME® or STARZ® as well as music streaming services like Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora Premium. If you love anime or gaming, you have VRV as well.

The unlimited plans are as following:

  1. AT&T Unlimited &More PremiumThis plan allows you to add WatchTV, any one of the premium services as well. You will also get $15 credit for DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-verse TV as well. 15GB of high-speed data for tethering will be provided with the capability of streaming high-quality videos. Also, it is bundled with premium 
  2. AT&T Unlimited &More: This plan also allows you to add WatchTV. You will get unlimited 4G LTE data but with SD quality video service. Around $15 monthly credit for DIRECTV NOW. Also, it comes with unlimited 4G LTE data.

Later on, AT&T will start [the] Video streaming service for $15/m only.

You can read about this on their blog as well.

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