Bose manufactures a sleepcalling earplug SleepPlug

Bose now to manufacture SleepPlugs, letting you sleep:-  People are often sleep-deficient when reaching a certain age. This can be quite dangerous for health if you don’t get proper sleep. People will not accept you, you will be boycotted everywhere in the world. This happens when you do not get enough sleep. Bose, a Premium sound equipment manufacturer, today introduced SleepPlug. This gadget will ensure that you get enough sleep to feel healthy the next day.

This recent product is a collaboration of Hush, which is a startup business, recently acquired by [the] company.

Bose brings SleepPlug – a gadget that helps you sleep

The New SleepPlug is just a size of a coin. A mixed kinda device – comfortable to wear, not easy to knock out. No noise cancellation onboard, but does have some predefined sounds. These sounds will give you a soft impact in your brain, making it cool down and let you sleep.

Source: TechCrunch

Priced at around $249, doesn’t allow you to stream music, which doesn’t make it value for money. Of course, this will give an impact on battery life. You will get around 16hrs of usage on a single charge. And if you have a charging case, another 16hrs of usage guaranteed.

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Adjustment of sound is possible according to your needs. Since no active noise cancelation is present, the provided silicone tips will do the passive one.

Source: TechCrunch

Due to no noise cancelation, you will hear a mixed sound with all those audio in the local storage, as well as the environment.

A better gadget for sound sleep – at home as well as long flights.

Source: TechCrunch

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