Pokemon GO now allows you to trade!

Niantic brings the trading feature to Pokemon GO:-  Time has finally come! Now you can trade your pokemon with other trainers. Finally, the anime is getting real! You can only trade, however, if you are a friend with the trader. But, the trading system isn’t live yet. It will go live later this week, with Friend system following after.

How’s trading going to work in Pokemon GO

Here’s how the trading will work

  1. To trade, be within 100mtrs. Also, you need to be a friend of the trader.
  2. Exchange your Trainer codes to become friends.
  3. Being a friend, give both of you, benefits. Get an Extra Pokeball in every Raid matches.  Not only this, both your pokemon will receive attack bonuses in gym battles.
  4. More you play together, more your relationship status goes up! So, pack your bags, go out to train pokemon with your best friend!
  5. The higher your friendship level the greater the bonus! It is the true meaning of “Friends With Benifits”.

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Trading System in Pokemon GO

  1. With upcoming updates, comes special trades. Pokemon like Legendary, shiny etc are considered a special trade. You can, however, do a single “special trade” a day. To do a special trade, your relationship should be good enough to.
  2. Considered Stardust useful for powering up your Pokemon? Think again! With new update incoming, you need Stardust to trade pokemon. The cost completely depends on the type of relationship with the trader.

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  3. Advanced Aspects of Trading:
    1. The farther away from you the Pokemon was caught the more candies you will receive from the trade. The maximum is 100 KM for 3 candies.
    2. The better friends you are with someone the less Stardust a trade will cost. This will make trading powerful Pokemon with people you play with more often less costly and more rewarding for both players. A good trading, eh?
    3. Special trades will also be implemented for legendary Pokemon and shiny Pokemon.
    4. Legendary Pokemon are very powerful Pokemon. You can only find them through very challenging raid battles or by completing quests. Don’t think, you will get them so easily.
    5. Shiny Pokemon are the incredibly rare alternate to colored Pokemon making them very highly sought after. Examples of shinies being a gold Magikarp or Red Gyarados.
    6. You will only be able to do one special trade per day per player. That means you’ll have to plan these trades out well in advance. Mythical Pokemon (Mew, Celebii, and others in that category) will be untradable.
  4. Different Types of Pokemon

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Gifts Explained

  • Trainers will receive “Gifts” from Pokestops. You cannot open them, as the name suggests. You can send them to your friends, and let them open that.

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You can read directly from their update blog here

Download the app from Google Play Store or App Store

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This article was written collaboratively between Kunal and Nicholas

Images in the article are used in promotional material made by Niantic. These are not our photos and do not claim rights to them.

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