Snapchat finally lets you delete messages even after they’ve been viewed

Snapchat today announced a new feature called “Clear Chats,” which lets you delete any message you’ve sent to another person on Snapchat, whether in individual or group chat. This encompasses text chats, stickers, audio and voice notes, and any photo and video snaps sent from Memories.

In order to delete a message, go to the message or conversation where the item in question was sent. Long press on the message or media (sticker, audio or video, etc.) and tap “Delete.” The message will be gone, and friends in the individual or group conversation will be alerted that a message was deleted.

Snapchat shows the tool being used to delete a movie spoiler, but the reasons why your finger may hover over that delete button are endless, from typos and autocorrect spoofs to regretting ever sending the message in the first place.

The Clear Chats option will roll out over the next few weeks and, like most of Snapchat, it’s a feature hidden by gesture controls. The feature is the first tool that allows users to delete sent messages — previous tools only cleared messages off your app but not the recipient’s, though there were some workarounds including the drastic measure of actually deleting your account to get rid of that message. This feature will, of course, not be able to delete screen shots, so it’s always a good idea to take care with what you send to people. Still, this is a nice feature that gives you a little more control over your Snaps.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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