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What has Changed from the KeyOne?

The BlackBerry Key2 has a lot of changes from the KeyOne. The keys on the keyboard are 20% taller and feel far more tactile than on the KeyOne. The Snapdragon 660 and 6gb of ram make the device feel far snappier. The KeyOne had a Snapdragon 625 and 3 or 4gb of ram. The design of the phone is also more modern. The front of the device is completely glass and keyboard, no more metal bezels. We also have dual 12mp cameras, one being a telephoto lens. The KeyOne had a single 12mp camera. The speed key is cool for helping you switch apps from within other apps without going to the fairly clunky multitasking screen. Other than that, we still have the amazing 3500 mah battery, 3:2 4.5 inch 1620 by 1080p display, and the keyboard doubles as a trackpad (which is still cool, and helpful). The space key also functions as a fingerprint scanner.

How does the Device Feel and Function?

The keyboard isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you it’s great. Once you get used to the keyboard you can type fast on it and in the few minutes I used it I was texting quickly. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to text without looking anymore but you may be faster, so you must take what you can get. No matter how many apps I switched to the device still flew. I also had a really good time having the keyboard be used as a trackpad while I was scrolling through webpages. It felt much nicer than reaching up to the top of the screen and scrolling, it’s also nice not having your fingers all over the text and accidentally clicking stuff while you’re trying to scroll.

What Didn’t I Get to?

Some aspects I really didn’t get a good feel for were the cameras and the speakers. I couldn’t take pictures, or video and transfer them to my phone but looking at them on the device itself the pictures look passable for a business class device. The room was also too noisy to get a good feel for the speakers, but they get fairly loud. If I get a review device, I’ll let you know how they are in more detail however, this is not a device you will love watching videos or playing games on. This is a work first, play second device.

How Does it Feel in the Hand?

Lastly, I wanted to touch on how the device felt. I got to use the device untethered for a short period of time and I must admit, I didn’t want to let the device go. It wasn’t overly heavy but didn’t feel cheaply made either. It was sturdy, and I just wanted to keep typing away on the keyboard. The device also didn’t have a lot of sharp corners or edges. I can say, if you have a job where you have to get a lot of business done and want to have a good time doing it then the Key2 is the device you will want to have in your pocket.

Hands-On Conclusion:

I really liked the Blackberry Key2. The device starts at $649 full retail with 6gb of ram and 64gb of storage. A 128gb storage model will go on sale in the future and it’s estimated to be $749. The device does have a micro SD card slot as well. I hope I can get a little bit more time with the device and time to do a full review. This extra time can give me more information on battery life, the cameras, and the keyboard. If you were thinking of getting this device you should go somewhere to try the device for yourself first. You could also buy it and find out the return period. This is a very specialized device and you need to make sure you’ll like it for at least $649. Overall, Blackberry and TCL did a great job with this device. If you’re a person who wants a physical keyboard I think it’s worth it to pick up the Blackberry Key2 over the KeyOne. This opinion is only based on a short hands on though.

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