Hitman 2 Announced, brings massive Co-Op missions

Hitman 2 and New Sniper Assassin games announced:-  After a huge success of massive Hitman series launched in the year 2016, IO Interactive is set to launch Hitman 2, a sequel to Hitman in November this year. The game is revealed on Warner Bros’ website just before E3 event. Whats new? Entire Hitman story will be revealed on the day of launch. This is completely different from the last Hitman game. Also, some more DLC will be available to download. The new DLC will add more locations, weapons, which will be announced later after the launch.

Hitman 2 with new Sniper Assassin Missions launched!

IO Interactive just released a trailer of the game, prior to the E3 events. The trailer sports several missions, opening of the game and will also feature a mission related to a motorsport event.

Whats more interesting about the game is the Sniper Assassin Co-Op missions. In this mode, you can Co-Op with other players online to take down targets together. Of Course, a twist is there. You can only get the mode when you pre-order Silver, Gold or the Collector’s edition of the game.

The game will be a direct follow up of the events of the previous game. Also, the game will take a deeper dive into Agent 47’s past and will get closer to Diana Burnwood (Agent 47’s Handler: if you have played Hitman series completely, just like me, you will know her definitely.) and Agent 47’s story (not a love story, lol).

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A major addition to the game, according to the developers, is the ‘deadly’ environment. According to them, everything around you will be deadly. 

The game will available to purchase on November 13 with the release on XBox, PS4, and PC. Standard, Gold, and Silver editions are up for pre-order whereas Collector’s Edition will be coming soon.

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