Intel with Microsoft in Dual-Screen PC making

Intel joins hands with Microsoft to design a Dual-Screen PC:-   How cool it would be if our Laptops get a dual screen with no keyboard or touchpad, only just screens? From the beginning of the computer era to current world, we saw several changes in computers. At first, computers were large enough to fit inside a single room.  Then we got computers on our desks, then to our laps.  Now a new concept has arisen from the house of Microsoft, a dual screen Computer! The rumors of the same were around the internet for some time. But now Intel has also joined hands with Microsoft to design this PC and make it real.

Microsoft + Intel = Dual-Screen PC!

Recently, MSPoweruser reported this device in one of their blog posts. According to them, PCWorld took a tour of Intel’s Santa Clara headquarters. The current prototype has been named Tiger Rapids and is currently consisting of two screens joined together with hinges.

Intel’s Senior Vice President and GM of Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant explains how the PC is going to work.

You’re going to see secondary products of different shapes and sizes, people are going to do secondary displays, obviously, we’re going to work on longer-term things like bendables and foldables. It’s not doing it because you can do it. It’s creating these adaptable form factors that fit the work that you’re trying to do

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Murali Veeramoney, who leads Intel’s Labs, says the experience of using a dual screen device is completely different from using pen and paper.

This is a purpose-built device. There is only one single thing you can do. So the combination of a purpose-built device with a multi-function device is what we wanted to bring… That’s a completely different use case. We are about performance. We will give you complete PC performance.


The device is sporting an Intel Kaby Lake processor under the hood. For Storage, it houses an SSD storage solution, with, of course, WiFi and has a USB Type-C port.  It sports a 7.9″ LCD main display and the second display is Electronic Paper Display (EPD) with is used for e-inking and adds another plus point, consumes no power at all. The prototype successfully gave 13-15hrs long battery usage.

However, the major concern is, whether this device will come out in the daylight?  Since According to Intel it took them 3years to design the prototype.

What do you think? Should this device be launched into the market? What can be the expected price of this according to you? Please let us know in the comments!

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