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Unboxing the LG G7 ThinQ was unremarkable at best. You get the phone on top with a nice micro-fiber cloth, the charging brick and cable which support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 and a handy sim ejector tool. I didn’t get any manuals because my device is a review unit however I imagine you’d get all of your handy quick start guides and warranty information. What I was bummed about was there were no headphones in the box. I am not a fan of earbuds however, for a $750 phone, you probably could have put a pair in the box. My motto is, if you’re charging a similar price to Samsung and Apple and they have something in the box, you should too. It’s something consumers will look at and possibly take for granted.

First Impressions:

In my opinion the LG G7 feels and looks fantastic. I’m not the biggest fan of glass on glass construction but LG did a decent job in my opinion. It fits in my hands well and there are no sharp edges. I can’t complain about what’s on the inside either. You get a Snapdragon 845, 4 GB of ram, 64gb of expandable storage, USB C port, headphone jack, fingerprint scanner, and a dual camera array. The one nitpick I could find was with the ram, it would have been nice to see 6gb but, beggars can’t be choosers. Now you’re all probably wondering (or not wondering, your choice), “what about the notch”. It’s a controversial topic, one that Lenny and I personally disagree on. He is not a huge fan of it, on the other hand I like the notch. It puts the notification area in a place I wouldn’t use anyway and is a nice place for the ear piece and front face camera. The display quality is also nice measuring at 6.1 inches with a 19:9 3120×2160 resolution. It’s not an OLED display so blacks aren’t super black but it is visible in direct sunlight, even without the 1000 nits mode.

I’ve been impressed with the battery life on my device as well. The LG G7 has a 3000 mah unit inside which isn’t incredibly impressing. I barely get through a day with my Pixel’s 3450 mah unit or the Galaxy S9+’s 3500 mah unit. Even at my job with little service the battery isn’t draining incredibly fast like it normally does. I know it’s early on but I think this phone will get me to the end of the day, even with my heavy usage!

The aspect I’m not impressed with is how well it gets service. I’m on AT&T which the LG G7 does not officially come on but should support. My cell signal is always far weaker than it ever was on my Google Pixel XL and call quality is awful. I’m hoping this can be fixed with a software updates, two I’ve gotten right out of the box. I’m also not impressed with the boom box speaker LG was flaunting. The speaker is ok, it’s loud but just ok for a bottom mounted speaker. The speaker also only gets a little louder when you put it on a table. The isn’t a replacement for a front speaker and I think LG took the cheap route out here. Thankfully, they always put a good amp and dac into their phones.

Here are some preliminary pictures I took with the LG G7, some are with the wide angle camera and others are with the primary lense.


To conclude, I’m looking forward with my time with the LG G7 ThinQ. The phone is snappy and responsive, there isn’t anything outwardly offensive about the device and I’m getting more used to LG’s skin on Android. Please let me know what you want me to talk about in more depth during the full review. I didn’t touch on the Google Assistant button or the cameras very much so please let me know what you want to know about them.

Thank you to LG for loaning us an LG G7 ThinQ review device

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