Google Duo adds screen sharing to its Android App with the recent update

Google updated it’s video calling app Duo for Android with many new features, one of them being screen sharing. Screen sharing has been under development for quite a few months, it’s just a matter of time now when before Google officially announces the feature.

With screen sharing you could be the tech support for your family and friends, or it could be the other way around. Screen sharing could also let you share parts of large video files which otherwise would take time to optionally compress, upload and then download on other device.

Currently, the screen sharing feature is bugged for most of the users including us. Sharing screen only shows a frozen screenshot of the device that’s sharing screen to the other user. But this could possibly be fixed very soon, probably in the next update.

Screen sharing is great, but it would definitly lack UI interactions from the other user. For a guy helping out his parents, he would still have to instruct and guide them through each step. For such users, using Teamviewer would a better option until Google adds the same feature to Duo.

The new feature is only available for Google Duo version 34, so make sure you have the latest version, or you can download it from Play Store link below:

[appbox googleplay]

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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