This Red Variant of the Galaxy S9 could be China Exclusive.

Samsung unveiled a new red version of the Samsung Galaxy s9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. The new variants are currently listed on the Samsung China website (via Gizmochina) and will cost the same as the regular versions, though they’re not yet available to buy.

Chinese celebrities marketed this devices with matching red Yves Saint Laurent lipstick — what appears to be an attempt to position it as a luxury device for women.

There might not be an international release of this phone. In China, the color red symbolizes good luck and maybe that’s why it is a China Exclusive variant.

While there is no news of an international release, it makes sense for China, where the color red symbolizes good luck.

Samsung GALAXY S9&S9+ in Red and 3 new spokeswomen in China.
— 萌萌的电教 (@MMDDJ_) May 7, 2018

Samsung often releases new colors for existing devices. Last year, it launched a Burgundy Red version of the Galaxy S8 in South Korea and India, as well as a Rose Pink version of the device in Taiwan, the U.K., and South Korea. However, the new color schemes are not usually made available so close to the initial release of the phone (March 11).

Don’t forget to check out what happens to be another Galaxy S8 and S9 variant which we already wrote about, earlier today.

Karthik Mudaliar
Karthik Mudaliar
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