LG G7 ThinQ :  Price and Availability

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The LG G7 ThinQ, or lets just call it the G7, is the successor of last year’s underrated G6, a phone which checked all the boxes of how a 2017 flagship would be.

And now, the G7 is here, with slight improvements and a 2018 design. Let’s see where and at what price we’ll be able to but this device.

Although there hasn’t been a word yet from LG about the official price, but we can assume it. Last year, for instance, the LG G6 launched somewhere between $650 and $700 in the U.S., while the V30 launched for around $800. Rumor has it that the LG G7 price will be closer to other G-series phones.

And is this device available in the US? And that’s where things get a little complicated. LG is leaving that upto carriers so let’s just wait and see what carriers decide.

Verizon pre-orders for the LG G7 ThinQ begin Thursday, May 24, with the official launch date slated for June 1. Sprint pre-orders begin Friday, May 25, and customers will be able to buy the device on June 1. T-Mobile says the G7 ThinQ will be available for purchase sometime this Spring, though the carrier doesn’t give an exact date. We’d assume the G7 ThinQ will be available for pre-order around the May 24-25 timeframe, with availability beginning on June 1. AT&T has not given any pricing or availability details as of yet. US Cellular will not be holding pre-orders for the G7 ThinQ, though the device will be available for purchase from the carrier on June 1.

The LG G7 ThinQ will be available in Canada on Friday, June 1. Bell, Freedom Mobile, Telus, SaskTel, and Rogers have all confirmed June 1 as the G7 availability date, though we don’t have any information regarding pre-orders yet.