AT&T Getting an Exclusive LG V35 instead of G7?


Another New LG Phone on the Horizon?

You may be wondering why many publications have been skipping AT&T when listing carriers that will stock the LG G7 ThinkQ. The device has been making waves through the technology community with its LCD display, notch, and Google Assistant Button. Many first impressions have seemed mixed but a flagship is a flagship and AT&T is not one to skip out on a flagship so what gives with the G7 ThinQ?

What gives is the possibility of AT&T getting one of its famous exclusives. According to AndroidHeadlines a phone called the “LG V35 ThinQ” was spotted as being registered on AT&T’s network. We don’t know much else about the device other than its name however it will be interesting to see where AT&T and LG are going with this device. We hope to see this device show up soon so we know what in the world is going on. I remember AT&T was one of the first carriers to carry the LG Optimus G in the US. It would be sad to see AT&T drop the “G” line of phone however, hopefully this partnership will draw buzz among AT&T customers.

We want to hear what you think about the rumored LG V35 ThinQ. Do you think it’s a good idea to go back to carrier exclusives or should LG focus on getting their devices to as many hands as possible? Are you hoping for a smaller V series device like the Japan exclusive LG V33? Start a discussion in the comment section below!