Is the Nokia 7+ Coming Stateside?

What is coming to the US?

In February 2018 Nokia unveiled many new devices from budget to high end. The unveiled the 8810, Nokia 1, 6 (2018), 7+ and 8 Sirocco. Many of these devices we were hoping to see come stateside, especially the 7+ with specifications and a high midrange price that would give even the Oneplus 5T a run for its money in some departments. As time went on we were disappointed to hear the only the Nokia 6 (2018) would be coming to the US with an updated Snapdragon 630, USB C and other new and tweaked components.

Possibly the 7+ as well?

In a video titled “Why Does Nokia Exist in 2018?” Austin Evans gives us a look at several of last year’s Nokia devices including the 3310 (2017) and Nokia 6 (2017) which we’ve all heard about and seen. What we weren’t expecting was to see the Nokia 7+, a device that was only supposed to come to the European and Asian markets. During the video Austin says “once it comes to the states it should cost around $450”. This is absolutely huge to hear that HMD could be bringing one of their most anticipated devices stateside. We don’t know much else about this development, however Nokia did say in February that we could expect the new Nokia 6 to launch in the US in May, which is coming up very soon. Please check out Austin’s video in the sources link below!

Front and Back of Nokia 7+


We’re very excited to see what other surprises Nokia could throw our way in 2018 and we hope to get our hands on the new Nokia 6 and 7+ in the future to give you guys our full review treatment. We want to know what you all think as well. Do you think the 7+ will come to the states? Which Nokia device are you interested in most? Have you ever owned a Nokia device. Let us know in the comments below and get the conversation rolling!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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