Plex launches its VR app for Gear VR and Oculus

Earlier this year, Plex jumped into VR with a Google Daydream app that puts you and up to four of your buddies into a virtual movie screening room. Now the media server company is bringing Plex VR to two more platforms: Gear VR and Oculus.

Like other similar offerings, the Plex VR media center puts you in the center of a virtual environment with a big, floating screen in the middle. Part of the fun, as usual, comes from the relatively high level of interactivity of each of the environments. Plex VR offers three such venues – a luxury apartment and a deep space scene known as “the void,” which are free, and a drive-in theatre, which you need to have a Plex subscription in order to use.

Watching content on your own is free, but if you want to enjoy videos in VR with your friends, you need a Plex Pass. The platform currently allows users to invite up to four other friends to catch a movie on Daydream, so it’s likely support the same number of guests on the Gear VR as well, The Verge reports.
 Just like on the Daydream version, Plex users on Samsung or Facebook’s VR platforms can watch videos in a virtual apartment, drive-in movie theater or just a blank void.
Watch together, including Voice Chat on Plex VR will be available on Gear VR within a few weeks. To know about hardware requirements and help with Plex VR go here.
Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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