Olixar Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review


Application of the Olixar screen protector is relatively easy, however there are no instructions in the box. On the back of the screen protector you will find a website to go on to teach you how to apply the screen protector and use everything that comes in the box. It’s nice to have someone walk you through applying the screen protector, however it would have also been nice to have had some physical instructions in the box as well. Applying the screen protector isn’t difficult, however how it is presented to you isn’t the most inviting.

The Screen Protector:

The screen protector does an excellent job of protecting the phone. It covers the curved edges as well as the the entire front of the phone. The screen protector unfortunately doesn’t sit flush on the screen. You can feel a gap when you press on the screen protector to the time it takes to get to the screen. In the setup video they suggest you turn on “touch sensitivity” in the advanced features menu. This helped a little bit however did not fix the delay the air gap made and the phone still wasn’t as responsive as it was without the screen protector. I tried taking the screen protector off and reapplying it however all that did was made it dirty.



This screen protector really isn’t fantastic. It works well to protect your screen but impedes the use of the device. If the manufacturer could fix the strange gap the screen protector makes I think it could be a great product. It looks good on the phone and stays on well as well. I unfortunately feel though that because it makes the device less than ideal to use that you should pass this one up.

We want to hear from you all now. What do you think is most important in a screen protector you’re using. Leave us a comment and let us know if you picked up this product.

We would like to thank our friends from Mobilefun.com for supplying us with this accessory for review purposes. If you’d like to purchase the product we will leave a link below. 

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