Firefox Reality, the first ever cross platform Mixed Reality web Browser

Mozilla, the face behind Firefox, Firefox OS, Thunderbird and more are bringing in a new product, a web browser made for virtual and augmented reality headsets. Named Firefox Reality, this new browser was designed ground up to work as a standalone browser on mixed reality headsets.

Mozilla believes that future of the web will be largely based on VR and AR interactions, hence having a dedicated browser was necessary. Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser for PCs, second to Google Chrome in terms of usage share. Mozilla will be releasing a new browser under the same name but added “Reality” part. Firefox Reality is based on existing Firefox browser and their experimental web engine Servo.

Here’s Firefox Reality in action:

Mozilla claims Firefox Reality is:

  • This is the first cross-platform browser for mixed reality.
  • This is the only open source browser for mixed reality.
  • This is a browser that is built by a company that respects your privacy.
  • This is a browser that will be fast.
  • This is a browser that is built for the future.
  • Browsers are the future of mixed reality.

Mozilla will be releasing more updates on the project in the upcoming weeks. As of now, they’ve released the full source code, of which interested developers can take a look at this GitHub repository.

You can learn more about Firefox Reality in this announcement post here.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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