Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy S9+ Case Review


The Sentinel has honestly been one of the best cases I’ve used on a phone in a long time. The case covers the back of the phone just up to the point where the metal touches the glass and it does not feel obtrusive. The case itself is made of a grippy, soft rubber with two strips of carbon fiber at the tops and bottom of the device. These strips of carbon fiber don’t do much for the case, but I personally like how it looks. The rubber is soft, and grippy but does not change the shape of the device very much. It was an easy transition and does not make you feel as though you’re losing out on the impeccable design of the Galaxy S9+. I can’t comment on how the case holds up when you drop the device because I don’t have the courage (or the money) to risk breaking the device. If you don’t drop the device directly on the screen it feels like it should give good protection from scratches and scuffs.

My favorite part about The Sentinel is just how detailed all the port cutouts, and button placements are. There is not an opening in the case that looks as though it shouldn’t be there, or is uneven, and the button cut outs line up very nicely with the buttons on the device. There is no obstruction to the USB-C port, speakers, or any of the microphones. It was nice to see how much time and effort this company put into this case. The cut out for the USB-C cut out and the headphone jack cut out are large enough to fit most accessories, however I wish they had been a little bigger for some wiggle room for larger cables or accessories.

After using the case for about a week I found I really like this case. It changed many of my feelings on thin rubbery cases. Although I cannot comment on how durable the case is I will say that it does a good job of keeping your phone in your hand in the first place. I recommend you pick up this case if you have a Galaxy S9+ on the way and you want to stick something quick and basic on the phone that will show off the design but still protect the device.


We would like to thank Mobile Fun for sending us the awesome case to review. Please check out their site at mobilefun.com for more great accessories.

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