Microsoft starts selling Lumia phones on online store again

Microsoft has already made it’s decision to stop producing Lumia series, and selling them. This was evident when Microsoft stopped selling Lumia smartphones last year, as well as various tweets from different sources including Joe Belfiore himself. Now it seems they’re back at it, selling the Lumia phones online.

This started on February 4th when Lumia made a comeback on the Microsoft online store. When WindowsLatest approached a Microsoft Store sales agent they confirmed that this is indeed true. You can see Lumia 550, 650, and the flagships 950 and 950XL on sale the store, however they’re not listed under Phones in the devices section.

This could be Microsoft’s attempt at clearing remaining stock of Lumia smartphones, or they could relly be interested in bringing back Lumia. Since the former is the most likely, people should consider not buying Lumia devices, unless that’s the only option you have. If you really wish to buy one of the device or want to check them out, links to unlocked variant of devices’ are below.

Link to the Lumia devices’ store pages:

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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