Huawei Mediapad M5: Are These the Tablets You’re Looking For?

A few years back we used to go crazy for a tablet release. Back then we thought the tablet would overtake the laptop in sales and every company and their mother was throwing a tablet out of their doors. When the market became saturated some manufacturers stopped making tablets all together while others played it safe in the low end market. Two manufacturers that didn’t follow that trend were Apple and Huawei and at MWC Huawei unveiled its latest tablet offerings the Huawei Mediapad M5 8 and 10 and the 10 pro.

Each of the tablets have very similar specs. We have last years Kirin 960 processor backed up by 4gb of ram on each tablet, and 8.4 or 10.8 inch 2560×1600 display, you have the option of LTE or only wifi in 32, 64, and 128gb storage variants, as well as a 13mp rear camera and 8mp front camera on both and Android 8.0 packed into all of the tablets. There are a few other goodies built in such as USB C for charging and audio, micro SD support, and a fingerprint sensor. This line of tablets also has the honor of being the first tablets using 2.5D glass.

The 8.4 inch version is where you’ll see some features fall by the wayside. Here you’ll only get dual speakers, a 5100mah battery, and no support for the M-pen. None of these omissions are deal breaking, however, it would have been nice to have had the additional speakers. This tablet is great if you’re looking to play some games and watch some videos on a manageable sized tablet screen. This tablet is not something you should plan on using for work.

The 10.8 inch non-pro version is going to be very close to the pro version having a 7500mah battery and quad speakers. If you’re looking for a big tablet that will keep going on battery life then this should be your tablet.

The pro version of the 10.8 inch tablet is where we start to see the more high end features. First off, there is no 32gb option. We have a screen that can detect up to 4096 different pressure levels and the ability to use Huawei’s M-pen for precision touch controls. Huawei also gives us the ability to use a surface-like laptop dock so you can work and play on this tablet. This tablet is going to be more of your office work or art work and play on the side option.

Huawei has an option for everyone here. The main question is, can they sell all three options to their consumers. It will be interesting to see how many people are still looking at picking up a high end tablet in 2018. What are your views on tablets? I enjoy smaller tablets therefore if I were to pick up any of these options it would be the 8.4 inch version.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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