Android P: Rumors, and Expectations


Android P is the code name of Google’s upcoming version of Android. This time every year information about Google’s newest version of Android begins to trickle out. This year we have heard that Google will have features such as built in call recording, iPhone X “notch” support, and other enhancements that will make the operating system more versatile. The built in call recording feature will be interesting as there will also be a feature that lets you know when others are recording your calls. This will be interesting to see how they implement this safe guard in other versions of Android.

Under the Hood:

Android P will definitely have some improvements under the hood however, right now we are just seeing the typical improvements rumored. These include battery life improvements, and overall stability improvements. We hope to see more information on last year’s project treble and how it can be implemented on more devices. This will hopefully keep Android fragmentation down by making it easier for manufacturers to keep their devices updated.

Closing Thoughts:

Android P will not be announced until Google IO which won’t be for several more months. Even still only the beta will be out for Pixel devices in May, we probably won’t see a final roll out until September. We will keep you all updated through this article as we find more out about Android P as well as what “P” will stand for, I’m hoping it stands for pie or Pez. We hope you will comment below on if you’re planning on downloading the Android P Beta on a Pixel device when it is released. Depending on how stable it is I may load it onto my 1st Generation Pixel XL.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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