Onedrive for iOS updated with UI overhaul and lots of new features

Onedrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft that lets you access your files anywhere on any device as long as you are connected to the internet.  They have made Onedrive available to all the major OSes like Android, iOS. Currently, Onedrive app for iOS is at #20 position in Productivity section of the iOS app store. They have recently updated the app with new UI and changes and here’s the official note –

Whether you are braving the snow or soaking up the sun, we have an exciting release for you. We’ve looked through all of your feedback, put the app under a microscope, and as a result we are happy to bring you our biggest release yet!

•We now use space more efficiently and have an uncluttered text style that makes it easier to scan across file names and notice essential information quicker.
•Before you had to tap and hold or open a file to take action on it. We heard feedback that this wasn’t always clear, so we added a new context menu next to each item. Tap the “…” to get a clear look at what you can do to that file and the file’s extension.
•Shared files are now easier to spot, and we’ve made thumbnails larger and more detailed. The human eye is attuned to recognize familiar shapes and colors instantly. To take advantage of this, we modified the look of the files and folders in the list and tile views so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.
•You told us that the multi-column list view on iPad made it difficult to read file names, so we expanded each file to take up the entire row and added columns for the data you care about most. If you are coming from a PC or Mac, you will feel right at home.
•Uploading a file to a folder and unsure if it’s shared or not? You will now notice a shared icon in the navigation bar. Tap that icon to open the details page and see who has access.
•Our command icons are larger and clearer! No more accidentally tapping the wrong command.

•You can open any file or folder regardless whether it’s in OneDrive or SharePoint.
•Once you open those files, you can update them and quickly save them back to OneDrive.
•Tag or favorite your files and folders regardless of where they live.

•Want to move a file into a folder? Just drag it over. Want to copy a file into a SharePoint Site? Just drag it. Want to add an image stored in OneDrive to your email? You get it…
•We support dragging and dropping files between tabs in the app on iPhone and iPad. On iPad, we take your productivity to the next level by supporting drag and drop to other apps.
•More to come here, but let us know what you think so far!

•Some of the formats we support now include: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, RAW, 3D objects, high-precision DICOM, TIFF files, iWork Files, Java/C/Swift and tons of other code formats, and many more.

MICROSOFT FLOW INTEGRATION (only available for work or school accounts)
•Microsoft Flow allows you to create automated workflows between OneDrive and other services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data and more. You can turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. You can even make decisions in your workflow, like running an action only when specific conditions are met.

•Landscape support and other various iPhone X UI fixes.
•We fixed an annoying search bug, when you open a file from your search results and then tap back, you will still see your search results. Search away!
•PDF annotation support for shared files or files stored in SharePoint – All PDFs are now equal regardless of where they live.
•You can now easily share locked PDF files.
•Fixed an issue where PDFs and Office files were rendering behind the navigation bar.
•When you share files from your personal account, we will show you the type of link you are sharing above the share sheet.

Thank you for your support and for relying on OneDrive. Everyone on the team deeply values that you depend on us to be more productive than ever before. There are a lot of changes in this update and we know we won’t get it perfect on the first try. Your feedback is invaluable for us to continue to improve the app,  so if you run into any issues please shake your device and tap “report a problem.


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Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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