Samsung might have “Intelligent Scan” security feature for the Galaxy S9

One of the XDA’s senior Member, known as mweinbach, was going through apk teardown of the recent settings app from the unreleased Oreo Beta which will hit Galaxy Note 8 in future. He came across a feature called Intelligent Scan. Reportedly, it’s supposed to combines face and iris scanning to improve accuracy and security even in low or very bright light.” 

Here’s a video posted by mweinbach, that will be used by Samsung to explain how the feature works.


Samsung already has iris scanner in their recent flagship devices alongside old trusty fingerprint scanner. Now they plan to combine both face unlock and iris scanner to provide better,  faster and securer biometric entry of passwords.  Not only you can use it to unlock your phone but also use with various apps that will support it.  While these are all rumors and speculations, 25th February is the official unveiling of Galaxy S9 and S9+ and we will know more then.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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