Google’s AI-powered Clips camera is finally available for $249

Last year in the Google’s Pixel event, there was alot of exciting announcements made by Google. One of them was the AI-powered Clips camera. After 3 months, its finally available on Google’s website but it might take a month to be delivered.

Google is hiring professional photographers to train the AI to make the camera better. The Google Clips is a 2-inch square device, with a 12MP shooter along with a 130 degree view and comes with a 16Gb storage.

Clips is a different camera when it is compared to the others available in the market. Its mostly for the parents who like clicking pictures of their kids, but this time they can be with their kids in the frame too. The camera can be kept on a particular position where it would track the movement and behavior, thanks to AI, and click the picture at the right time.  And since it is powered by AI, it becomes better with use.

As said by the company, the camera does everything on its hardware and no data is sent to the servers which could be one worrying factor for most people.

The Google Clips is now available on in the United States, and according to Verge it would be delivered anytime between 27 February to 5 March.

You can buy it from : Official Google Store

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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