Let’s have a look at Samsung’s New Ultraslim Notebooks launched at CES 2018.

CES, Samsung

The PC industry has been changed. Tablets, Smartphones and even Smartwatches are becoming extremely powerful with their state-of-the-art processing capabilities.

Consumers who once preferred a traditional laptop are choosing slim, powerful notebooks that give them the flexibility to do everything, everywhere.

In 2018, true portability and productivity is knowing you have a single notebook that makes it possible to do what you can’t do with just a tablet or desktop. It’s thin enough to slip into your “go” bag. It’s light enough to carry all day, every day, and almost forget it’s there. It’s strong enough to endure the bumps in the road and the inevitable scrapes from the airport security bin.

To prove this, Samsung launched three ultraslim notebooks earlier today. Let’s have a look at them :

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen (with built-in S Pen) :

It’s more like a combination of Samsung’s earlier tablets and the Note series.

Perfected in Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, the battery-free S Pen replicates the ease, accuracy, and size of a real pen, so you can enjoy a natural writing and drawing experience – without having to ever charge it. Jot notes. Use CAD. Sketch freehand. If you want to work, create, design or draw, the Notebook 9 Pen puts no limit on how you can express yourself. It’s a whole new way to use your notebook PC.

Samsung Notebook 9 (2018) :

This notebook has the most powerful graphics in a very slim package. And it’s very light, too! Weighing no more than 2.84 pounds, Samsung is actually taking weight off your back and creating more room in your pack. The Notebook 9 (2018) has all the durability with none of the weight.  Better graphics mean that it would be pleasurable experience to consume media on this device with a big battery too.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin (2018) :

This 2-in-1 convertible is the best affordable PC right now. If you’re always moving from home to office or from class to class, flexibility is the name of the game. With the Notebook 7 Spin (2018) you can flip easily from PC to tablet—and back, work anywhere—even in the dark—with the backlit keyboard, and use your Active Pen (sold separately) to express yourself in an entirely new way.

Samsung has now been focusing on PCs too and also trying to integrate their phones with Samsung DEX which is quite successful.

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