LG V30+ First Impression

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The first question everyone should be asking is, how is this phone different from the original LG V30? The V30+ has 128gb of storage (approximately 20.5GB of storage used out of the box) and a pair of B&O headphones (not included in regular LG V30 in the states). Other than that you get the same Dac and amp, same display 2880 x 1440p display, same Snapdragon 835 with 4gb of ram, and the same dual camera setup on the rear. Overall, nothing incredibly spectacular for being a marketed as an upgraded model of the phone, especially since both models come with a micro SD card slot.

Upon first handling the phone it feels really nice. This is my first time using a phone with a glass and metal exterior and although it’s slippery it feels really nice in your hand with the curved edges. I find myself just picking up the phone to hold it and look at it. It’s definitely an eye catching device and I’ve gotten many people to ask what kind of a phone it is. With the display completely taking over the front and the minimalistic back it’s clear to tell that this phone was designed very well. Speaking of the display it’s actually very nice. I never noticed the blue shift issue unless I was specifically looking for it.

I don’t want to comment on battery life just yet as I’ve only been using the phone for a little bit more than 24 hours, however it looks promising for now. The only trouble I can see with this phone’s battery life is Sprint’s lack luster service in my area may show fairly mixed results in the battery department. The phone’s performance overall is smooth but not as smooth I was looking for. Load times are good however the software makes it difficult to navigate the interface without slipping up. There were times where the navigation buttons would disappear without warning making me press buttons I did not mean to.


LG V30+ Battery Life
LG V30+ Screen on time

The software situation on this phone is, well, a situation. LG needs to work on how you navigate Android on their phones. Their homescreen configuration just throws apps everywhere and even when I did add the app drawer it didn’t help. The stock launcher handled the app drawer like a big homescreen throwing apps in folders and not alphabetize them as you would have wanted it to. As hard as I tried to use LG’s stock software I had to switch to Nova Launcher after a few hours. It was legitimately starting to upset me. Sprint also didn’t help the situation bloating up the phone with useless apps with notifications I could not dismiss. I will comment more on this in the full review however, first impressions aren’t great with software.

The camera is good, but that’s as much as I can say right now, is it’s good. The wide angle camera came in handy in more situations than I’d have thought considering it’s the holidays and everyone want’s the biggest group pictures possible, however no matter how many lighting scenarios I tried the pictures did not process well so that will take more practice. The last point I will make about the camera is to not use it in apps such as snapchat or instagram. Everything comes out a grainy mess on the front and rear cameras, it looks like you’re using a mid ranged phone from 2014.

LG V30+ Wide Angle
LG V30 + Regular Camera

This phone makes a great first impression out of the box but once you boot it up and shift through all the buggy software LG throws at you there are times you will have to put it down to take a breather. I will be further testing all aspects of this phone as well as the headphone dac and amp as well its water and dust resistance. As much as I was frustrated with this device it wasn’t all bad and I hope now that the setup process is done I can get to really enjoying the phone. Look forward to hearing an update in about a week.

Disclaimer: We were provided this phone by LG and is being used on Sprint. Although this phone was provided to us we will be reviewing the phone as if we were buying it for ourselves.