Galaxy S9 To Have Even Thinner Bezels Than S8

Started with the S8, now even with the OnePlus 5T, bezel less displays have been the trend of 2017 so far. No matter what  you call it the Infinity Display or Super Retina Displays (both being manufactured by Samsung), even Apple finally changed its age old design to a top “notch” one. Pun intended.

The iPhone X


But not eveyone has acheived to do it quite successfully. A true bezel-less experience is yet to happen, because manufacturers are struggling to fit front components like speakers, front camera and proximity sensors. Samsung initially did this with the S7 edge by eliminating the side bezels and with S8, they further minimized the top and bottom bezels. With the Essential Phone, they further decreased the top bezel with a 84.9% screen to body ratio, which is 0.9% more than the S8. The iPhone X has only 82% screen ratio to its body.

The Beautiful Galaxy S8

So.. What’s Next?

A couple of days earlier, Sriyansa found out that the Galaxy S9 would he having an identical design to its predecessor, amd also said that the yet-to-be-launched flagship doesn’t have much of a design overhaul than the three flagships, Samsung launched in 2017. But according to latest reports by reliable sources, the S9 and S9+ will be having a whoping 90% screen to body ratio.

The S9+ is also rumoured to have a dual camera but in vertical orientation, with fingerprint sensor at the bottom for more convenience. While in the display department, Samsung already has an edge over the iPhone X, we can also expect the company to launch its own FaceID-like facial recognition technology.


Karthik Mudaliar
Karthik Mudaliar
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